has god called you to a career in cross-cultural missions?

Our Missions Apprenticeship Program is a brand new, year-long apprenticeship in disciple-making among an unreached people group in the 10/40 window. This real-world, hands-on apprenticeship will equip you with reproducible skills in language acquisition, evangelism, and discipleship under the leadership of long-term church planters.  If you know God is calling you to a career in cross-cultural missions, then this apprenticeship could be the perfect next step for you. 

The apprenticeship will move beyond the “What is it?” and “Why do it?” questions of the 3-month program and get at some of the “how” questions. How do you effectively evangelize and disciple? How can you be involved in planting gospel-centered multiplying churches? How do you live overseas long-term?

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