We are witnessing the greatest movement of people in history.


God is at work among unreached people groups in Europe. Hope of a better life is moving unreached people groups from countries closed to the gospel to places without restrictions. The change from closed to open, restricted to accessible puts these people within easier reach. Your gift can greet them with the story of Jesus.





Build a team of prayer and financial investors



Launch a team of Cafe 1040 missionaries to new location



Welcome our first students among unreached peoples in Europe


Choose Your Impact

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Why are you launching a new location?

Currently, we run our overseas missions mentorship among unreached peoples in three locations—North Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.  With a growing waitlist for our summer program, this new location allows us to keep up with the increasing student demand for our program, multiplying our capacity by 45 students each year.


What about the 10/40 Window?

Our vision is to see disciples of Jesus from every people group. The 10/40 window is significant because of the people that live within its boundaries. Our focus has always been and will continue to be on unreached people groups. The 10/40 window has become a term that is synonmous with unreached, but we are increasingly finding unreached people groups are moving their lives outside of those geographic boundaries. God is working among this scattering of unreached people groups and we’re excited to have the opportunity to engage them. 


How is it strategic?

In Europe, we have opportunities to engage people from countries like Syria, Iraq and Iran that  are extremely difficult for westerners to live in themselves.

Not only are these unreached people groups more accessible, they are removed from the pressures of government, society, and sometimes even family that surrounds them in their home country.

This creates an openness to new ideas and beliefs that they would be less likely to accept back home. This leads to opportunities for unreached peoples to hear the gospel for the first time.

For our students, this will give them the opportunity to put their training into play without some of the security challenges of our limited-access locations. Their engagement with local peoples in the diaspora community is a crucial aspect to their vision of disciple-making and future missionary service.


Cafe 1040 gave me vision for what God has being doing throughout history and showed me how can I step into God’s plan for my life. I am now joining a church-planting team in Europe where I can share with unreached people groups in my neighborhood.
— Cafe 1040 Graduate