Human Resource Manager


Human Resources Manager


Global Team


The HR Manager plays a vital role in advancing the mission of Cafe 1040. They oversee all staff recruiting, hiring, onboarding and development, with particular emphasis in recruiting new staff and developing the talent of our already high- performing teams. They will oversee all Human Resource staff and use their natural administrative skill-set to provide practical support to the Cafe staff. This role includes creating catered development plans for staff and teams, maintaining accurate HR documentation and employee records, recruiting high quality staff applicants and coordinating their interview process, overseeing the onboarding of new staff, and managing HR projects.


  • Strong ability to manage systems

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Natural strength in strategic and process thinking

  • Ability to work accurately, with attention to detail

  • Proven, effective interviewing skills

  • Woo

  • Ability to create and manage staff and team development plans

  • Ability to manage team collaboration

  • Ability to meet deadlines with effective results

  • Proficient with basic budget calculation and management

  • Ability to write clear policy

  • Ability to present reports and clearly explain the data

  • Functional knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite or mac equivalent


Cafe 1040 is looking for bright, passionate, growing Christian people who are in alignment with our ministry’s vision and purpose. We believe that Christ has called his followers to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and believe we can be a vital part of fulfilling that call! So, while resumes, experience, and qualifications are important, we are much more concerned that mobilization and multiplication be your vision as well.

Cafe 1040 is a 3-month mentoring program inside the 10/40 Window. Through this intense program abroad, young adults are deeply immersed into the culture, experiencing what day-to-day ministry overseas could look like for them. While living in a closed country, they become confident learners of language, culture, history, religion, and technology. More importantly, participants discover how their skills, passions, talents, and abilities can play a part in reaching the 2.9 billion people who don’t have access to the story of Jesus. We believe the Great Commission can be completed. Do you?

Put your HR skills toward changing the world for Christ!