In Christ Alone

Written by: Cafe 1040 MAP Student

It has been a little over a month since I arrived in this city. This month has been filled with many joys, many hardships, and many lessons. Each day, I am reminded of the very reason we are here as I see incense burning, altars to ancestors in every home, and various other rituals to receive good luck. Please pray that the eyes of hearts of the people here would be opened and receptive to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! 

I am very grateful for my team here and for our leaders. Our first week together in Southeast Asia was spent in prayer, study, and fellowship. We defined the Good News according to God's word and practiced ways to present it clearly to people. We have since been reading other books about healthy evangelism, God's glory, and delighting in Jesus as our greatest treasure. This training has already challenged my understanding of the gospel as it relates to my personal life, not to mention how I explain it to others! 

Since arriving in our base city, we have been staying with local families for the first month of our time here. This experience has been incredible. My homestay family has included me in many aspects of their daily lives such as shopping at the local market, cooking, driving their children around on motorbikes (which was slightly terrifying and evoked much prayer), and even getting a traditional dress made at a local seamstress. My homestay brother speaks decent English, so I am praying for opportunities to share about Jesus to my whole homestay family through him! 

"And this is eternal life, to know you, the only true God, and him whom you have sent—Jesus Christ." John 17:3

It seems like time is flying. Our days are spent praying with our team, learning the local language, and exploring the culture. The language is very difficult, but by God's grace, I am learning more and more everyday! My hope is that by the end of my time here, I will be able to engage in some basic spiritual conversations in the local language. My other free time is spent reading books for our team classes on evangelism and spiritual growth, meeting with friends to develop deeper relationships to eventually share the gospel, as well as helping with some local English clubs. Since returning to this city, I have reconnected with friends from last year, and met many new friends! A friend and I are planning to start a book club with our local friends where we will read and discuss a Christian fiction book to gauge spiritual interest and see who would be interested in studying the Bible and discussing Christianity on a deeper level! Many friends have expressed interest and we can't wait to start reading!

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