3 Real Life Stories of Support-Raising

Raising support to sustain a life of missions can be overwhelming. It can be a major obstacle that keeps people from ever obeying God's call on their life. We know God controls every resource in the world, but do we truly believe He can provide in this way for our life? We've put together a series of support raising stories from people in different stages and viewpoints of life as a way to remind you that God is at work and He loves to show off in this way.



1. Does God Know Our Needs Before We Even Ask Him?

It wasn’t long however that discouragement began to creep in. I remember it climaxing with a support meeting that was actually successful in terms of giving, but unsuccessful in terms internal tensions. We had known this family for years, and for some reason we were presenting a rehearsed sales pitch instead of sharing the vision of our calling in God.

We left that meeting discouraged and even sickened with ourselves.

That night we surrendered our support raising in prayer and came out of that time with the thought, “If God knows our needs before we even ask Him, why are we so focused on asking others?”

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2. The False Security of Finances

My journey to come on staff with Cafe 1040 was not something I chose lightly.  After two years of a friend and fellow staff member sharing her heart and experience with the ministry, I found myself saying things like, “the mission, the organization, the job are amazing, but I could never raise support!” Support-raising was something I knew little about and completely shut down the idea that I could ever do it myself.

I have found when I make statements like never, God tends to take my “never” and turn it into a miracle.

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3. Walking In Obedience Through Support Raising 

When we decided to take the job, I planned to continue working while support raising, and to scale down to part-time eventually.  I knew at the time that this was where the Lord was leading us, but I would be lying if I said that my faith gave me confidence that He would provide for my family.  In my pessimism (or lack of faith), I fully anticipated draining our savings account and taking on a few thousand dollars of credit card debt in the process of getting funded.

There is no denying that God really came through for us as we did our best to walk in obedience to Him.  The support raising training that Cafe 1040 provided prepared us very well for that season, and the coaching they offered throughout the process helped to keep us focused through the ups and downs of the daily work.

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