We Millennials

There’s always a bit of a ‘changing of the guard’ between generations. Boomers got divorced because they saw their Silent Generation parents suffer through horrible marriages decade after decade. Gen Xers responded to the naïve loyalty of Boomers with cynicism toward all institutions.

Millennials respect authority. They have high expectations of themselves but don’t value the same kinds of things. Accused of being entitled and requiring a lot of hand-holding, they still feel the pressure of academics and career-tracking.

Their world is 24/7. They are digital and adaptable. They are connected multi-taskers who want transparency and collaboration. And they want to have fun while they make a mark on the world.

In a world shrinking by information technologies and the tensions of rampant urbanization and large-scale tribalization, they fit the bill for taking the story of Jesus to places that they have never heard.