Our Hiring Process

If you are interested in applying to join our team, here is our hiring process.

First, submit your resumé. You'll have a first interview with the Staff Screening Coordinator (this can be by phone or in person) during which we can answer any questions you might have about coming on staff with us. Then, we usually take two weeks as a staff to pray over you and decide whether we feel like God is leading us to move forward. It also gives you some time to talk with your family, friends, mentors, and to pray as well. We reconvene, and if we both feel that it is the right thing to move forward, you'll have a second interview with our Director and one other staff member. After that interview, we can talk about next steps and take some more time to pray. After all, it is more about relationships than anything else.

At this point, if we are all in agreement about moving forward and if you are wanting to come on as overseas staff, you would usually take an explore trip and raise support to go and visit our overseas base (U.S. staff will not need to do this). You would also interview with the overseas Team Lead at that time.

Then, again provided that we all feel that God is leading us forward, Café 1040 would send you an offer letter to join our staff. While you are not considered to be on staff until all of your support is raised, we spend a good deal of time helping you with support raising training, mentoring, and providing you with all of the training, supplies, and materials that you will need to do your job really well during this time.

Welcome to our team!

Job Descriptions


Overseas Student Mentor

Your job will be to serve as the leader and mentor of 4 to 5 students in a closed country who are considering long-term work among the unreached. This will be done while the students undergo intense training and cross cultural stress as a part of our existing curriculum. You will prepare students spiritually, mentally, relationally, and physically for Christian service inside a closed country, allowing them to find the answers they seek about their future career. You will lead students by example in all areas.

Overseas Base Support Staff

In Acts 13:5 it says ...'they had John Mark along to help out as needed.' Would you be our John Mark? Your job is to do everything in your power to allow the other staff members to stay focused on their jobs, the student program, and to make life easier for your team. In that role you will do a variety of tasks on a regular basis, but all with the mind of serving the needs present.

Director of Overseas Operations (50% USA, 50% Overseas)

We are seeking a dynamic leader with proven international experience in business and ministry. You will oversee the leaders and operations of each of our overseas bases as well as discover opportunities for new bases throughout the unreached world. You must be a proven net worker, a seasoned traveler and have the flexibility to travel internationally on a moments notice. Experience in crisis planning and management would be very helpful in this role.

Emergency Medical Technician (Middle East and SE Asia)

As part of our overseas team you will ensure the day to day health of our staff and students as well as be the first responder to any medical emergencies that occur. You will need to have or be willing to acquire a Board certified certificate as an Emergency Medical Technician or be a registered nurse. You will be working in environments where little to no emergencies services may be available. Knowledge of disease prevention and infection is a bonus.

Overseas Field Support Staff

You will be the advance party, traveling alone into different regions to handle travel arrangements for the student team and find creative environments for students to learn, be tested and grow. When not traveling you will do a variety of tasks to allow the other staff members to stay focused on their jobs, the student program, and to make life easier for your team.


“I'm tired of being a nanny in this nowhere town. I'd rather be a nanny in a foreign and exotic location helping missionaries do their job.” As our ministry grows, the old fashioned way, the blessing of children can often consume all of a missionary's productive hours. In order to keep our families together and allow the workers to focus on the harvest, we invite you into the family to help with the care and schooling of a few small children. 40 hours a week serving and loving an American family leaves 40 hours a week to experience the world in new and exciting ways.

Overseas Technical Trainer (Middle East and SE Asia)

You will use your technical skills to teach our students how to stay connected and relevant to their supporters at home. This includes instruction in networking and security as well. You will also maintain a secure technical lab environment for our students to work. You will also support our overseas staff with their technical needs on a regular basis.

Videographer/Video Editor (Middle East and SE Asia)

You will develop a series of visual tools to tell the story of Café 1040 to the general public and specific audiences. You will storyboard, shoot and edit entire projects. You will travel between our locations in North Africa, Southeast Asia and the United States. A qualified applicant will provide sufficient references from previous work (student projects are okay) and samples of previous work on DVD for review.


Managing Director (Atlanta based)

The Managing Director is responsible for the day to day running of Café 1040, including overseeing all the USA departments of Café 1040. You would provide overall leadership to the Café 1040 USA staff by keeping them accountable in order to achieve ministry goals and visions. You will contribute to the overall performance of Café 1040 by managing and improving, recruiting, developing and growing staff.

The Managing Director will be responsible for selecting and developing internal staff. Managing and personally participating in mobilization and recruiting efforts, directing staff activity within Café 1040 USA staff. Develop and implement quality management strategy and plans, including resource, systems, timescales, financials, to support, contribute to, and integrate within, the Café 1040's annual vision and long term strategy.

Marketing Assistant

This is an entry level position for someone with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing looking to gain real world experience in Marketing with a Kingdom mindset. You will support the Marketing Director.

IT Manager (Atlanta based)

Leeding edge ministry working in unfriendly environments seeks a Kingdom minded IT generalist with a passion for technology. Your hands-on knowledge of networking, MS Exchange, VoIP Telephony, Video Conferencing, smartphone and tablet devices, and CRM systems will be used daily. We are a mac-centric ministry atop a Cisco network. Your love for technology, eagerness to learn, and a desire to serve others will be the keys to your success.

Social Networking/New Media Marketing

You will be the lead person in developing and implementing an online strategy and presence for Café 1040. Using any and all online tools available, you will develop a strategy for penetrating our target audience and influencing their hearts not only for the work of Café 1040 but also for God's heart for the Nations.

Applicant Mentor

Discernment and prayer are the two most critical skills for this job. In a very short period of time you will build a deep and meaningful relationship with someone who believes they can change the world. You will interview their parents, their pastors and other people in their lives to help you discern what obstacles exist in this person's life and their willingness to overcome those obstacles. You will be the person who decides who gets to participate in our program.

US Student Mentor

If you like talking on the phone, training, and mobilizing from the comfort of your home in America then this is the job for you. Once our students have been accepted into our program your job will be to prepare them for deployment into a closed hostile environment. Since each student is a unique individual, it is critical that you be a good listener and full of encouragement as you help them prepare for their upcoming assignment.

Graduate Mentor

What is keeping you from doing what God has told you to do? The role of our Graduate Mentor is to find the answer to that question for each of our graduates who are still residents of the United States of America. This job is highly relational and requires an encouraging and discerning personality.

Student Mobilizer

Primarily, your task is to invest in relationships on campuses throughout one region of the United States. You will build relationships with campus ministers, college pastors, professors, deans and state ministry leaders.

Through these relationships, it is your goal to draw qualified students into the Café 1040 application process. As you meet missions minded students you will engage them in a relationship through face-to-face interactions, phone calls and emails encouraging them to begin the online application process if that is their best next step.

You will be responsible for the documentation of all interactions with campus ministry personnel and for gathering data on campuses, campus ministries and campus ministry personnel.

In addition to building relationships on campuses, you will also attend missions conferences and events where you might meet qualified students. It is your responsibility to make the most of traveling time and money, seeing several churches and campus leaders in the vicinity of such conferences. Also, you are responsible for making travel and application arrangements for these conferences and presenting Café 1040 at these conferences in a uniform and highly professional manner.

While your primary role as a campus recruiter is to help find students that would be candidates for our program, there are additional facets to your position. It is your general responsibility to help ministries and churches grow in their vision of missions to include an accurate Biblical missions theology of reaching the whole world with the gospel. Further, anything that you can do to assist such a ministry, minister, or student to be better equipped to reach the unreached is also part of your role. This may include helping to connect students or ministries to our partners, or involving other Café 1040 staff to come and speak to a group about the unreached.

Your job description is very broad and as you are accomplishing these goals, you will also be helping the Café 1040 team with mutual goals such as obtaining university course credit for our program, fundraising for the general ministry, making new connections and partners, and recruiting new staff. But in a nutshell, your job description is to “become the person campus ministers know who can help their students be connected in the world of missions.”

Job FAQs

What kind of people are you looking for to work for Café 1040?

Café 1040 is looking for bright, passionate, growing Christian people who are in alignment with our ministry's vision and purpose. We believe that Christ has called his followers to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and believe we can be a vital part of fulfilling that call! So, while resumés, experience, and qualifications are important, we are much more concerned that this could be your vision as well. We need all kinds of people for this vision to happen, but some of the kinds of things we also look for are: good communication skills, willingness to learn, humility, good leadership skills, attention to detail, a passion for people and the desire to see the next generation mentored towards all that God has for them.

What positions do you currently have available?

See our Job Descriptions

How does support work/will I be paid?

All of Café 1040's staff positions are funded through the support of other believers. But yes, you do receive a paycheck once every two weeks like at any other job. Each staff member is responsible to share Café 1040's vision as well as the responsibilities of their own role with individual Christians, churches, and organizations that they know who may want to invest in this work. Like most missions organizations (since we support the church), this is how our ministry is funded.

Because we know that this can be an intimidating thing in applying for a job, we really want you to know that we will help you with this process. Having a support team also means great relationships, and a group of people who are praying for you as you are on the front lines of ministry. We'll make sure that you learn about why support works biblically, and then mentor you as you are preparing to come on staff.

Can I come to work for you if I still have debt?

Yes. You will be paid just like any other job. So, you will just need to build paying off your debt into your personal budget.

If I am interested in an overseas position, where will I be living?

For 10 months of the year, our overseas staff lives in apartments outside of this country. Currently, we have teams in North Africa and Southeast Asia. For security reasons, we can't share with you the exact countries that we are in until you are further into the staff applicant process. Before you come on staff, you will take an "explore trip" to visit the team that we are considering you joining.

Would I need to relocate here in the U.S.?

No. While some of our U.S. positions do require travel (so you would need some access to an airport), most of the jobs can be done through virtual officing. Wherever you have your laptop and cell phone, you can be at work! Many of our staff is located in and around the Atlanta area, and we would like to see you in person sometimes, but, relocating to Atlanta is not required.

How big is your staff?

Currently Café 1040 has about 20 full time staff members and many other volunteers and support staff who make what we do possible. We are currently a small team, but we are excited to grow with the right people.

I am in school right now. How early should I apply before graduation?

If you have a year or less left before graduation, we would encourage you to go ahead and apply. Our staff application process as well as support raising, can take some time, and we would like for you to be able to start as soon as you graduate. So, if you are interested in joining our team, and feel that this is the right direction for you, go ahead and apply. Apply Now