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IT Specialist | Full-Time


Operations Team 


Operations Director


We are seeking a polished and articulate IT professional with exceptional customer service skills and a proven record in supporting Apple mac and Apple iOS users with diverse levels of experience.  You will provide our staff a positive technological experience both individually and as part of our dynamic IT Department.  Your role will include walking alongside our users and facilitating their relationship with the technology. From picking out a shiny new computer to counseling their issues over time, you will act as the technical guru who others seek out for their large and small problems.  You will lead our company by creating and facilitating ongoing technology training. 



  • Mature Christian faith and agreement with Cafe 1040’s statement of faith 
  • A passionate follower of Jesus Christ with a proven devotion to the habits necessary to maintain a daily relationship with him
  • Reflect personal and public integrity in line with Biblical principles
  • Highly organized with a natural attention to detail
  • Analytical mind that can comprehensively plan and quickly discern technological problems
  • High-level drive for execution and perseverance


  • Expert (“Genius”) in all Apple desktop and iOS devices
  • A working knowledge of Apple server products is of great benefit
  • Working knowledge of integrating Macintosh systems into an Active Directory Domain environment
  • Competence with configuration of non-Apple equipment
  • Adept at BASH command-line interfaces such as Terminal on a Mac
  • Knowledgeable about various systems for internet security
  • Proficiency with helpdesk ticketing systems
  • Demonstrated ability to work on teams
  • Ability to meet deadlines and perform under pressure
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills especially related to technological policy and manual writing
  • Strong time management skills
  • Proficient at prioritizing projects
  • Ability to coordinate effort across multiple teams
  • Ability to influence and work within team dynamics to move projects forward in the midst of competing demands
  • Quick-learning and self-teaching
  • Patient and adaptable disposition to changing circumstances
  • Strong multi-tasking and problem-solving abilit


  •   Provide assistance for new hire setup and current staff equipment including but not limited to:
    • Purchase new Mac computers and other hardware for new staff
    • Add new user accounts to our Mac OS X Server, including creating and testing email addresses and VPN credentials
    • Configure Mac OS X client computers and iOS devices for access to our network via VPN, and add email, calendar, contacts, and chat accounts
    • Secure our client computers, including the use of encryption, firmware passwords, and antivirus software
    • Add phone extensions to our VOIP phone system, and assign these extensions to the physical Polycom SoundPoint IP hardphones.
    • Set up and configure client networking equipment, including modems, Cisco routers, and wireless routers, for both stateside staff as well as overseas staff
    • Test Apple OS releases for client computers to make sure everything works, then allow staff to upgrade their computers and troubleshoot problems that may occur
  • Provide ongoing assistance to maintain staff hardware, including but not limited to:
    • Root out malware on Mac clients
    • Run maintenance operations on Mac clients to speed them up
    • Replace RAM and Hard Drives in Mac client computer
  • Elevate our staff’s overall technological proficiency through training both individually and corporately
  • Onboard and train new staff on company equipment and systems
  • Remotely manage overseas technology labs
  • Maintain accurate documentation:
    • Record processes, keep inventory for technology, report budget and expenses for hardware and software purchases
    • Write knowledge base articles to keep track of procedures
  • Utilize help-desk ticketing system and provide help-desk support to our staff
  • Collaborate with the Head of Security to stay well-informed of IT security issues relevant to our company as a whole and to our overseas staff in our base countries
  • Support and uphold the policies, values, and statement of faith of Cafe 1040
  • Maintain sustainable funding levels for role through Cafe 1040 support-raising model
  • Actively take opportunities to mobilize people toward involvement and investment in the mission and vision of Cafe 1040


This is a support-based position. Nothing in this job description restricts Cafe 1040’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.  Responsibilities occasionally may require an adjusted work schedule, and evening/weekend hours in order to meet deadlines.