2.9 billion people have no idea who Jesus is.
Cafe 1040 wants to change that. But we can’t do it alone. You can be part of telling the story of Jesus where it has never been told.

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What Jesus did for me changes everything

When was the first time you heard the story of Jesus? For nearly 3 billion people, this question remains unanswered. Cafe 1040 wants to change that.

Cafe 1040’s vision is to see disciples of Jesus among every people group. This requires His followers to share the story of Jesus far and wide. You can be part of this work.

Earlier this year, a Cafe 1040 student in South Asia bravely shared with a Hindu man, named Magdi, how the story of Jesus has impacted his life. Magdi told this student that he had seen Jesus in a dream and was keenly interested in learning more.

This led a Cafe 1040 staff member, John, to meet weekly with Magdi to read through the Bible. After months of sharing the story of Jesus with him, Magdi looked at John and said, “What Jesus did for me changes everything.” To see how the full story unfolds, check out the video above.

One morning after having dinner with Magdi, John awoke to a text from him that read, “Jesus showed up at my house.” Intrigued by the news, John went to Magdi’s house anxious to learn more. Magdi shared that his mother was doing dishes the previous evening and sensed someone was in the home.

She turned around and saw a man sitting at the table. As soon as she saw him, she knew it was Jesus.

On this same night, Hindu women all across the country were celebrating a religious holiday. They offered food to various deities with the expectation to earn favor and receive a blessing. Jesus showed up in Magdi’s mother’s home and said, “Feed me.” So she fed him and then he disappeared.

When John asked her how she felt after seeing Jesus, she told him, “I’ve always felt a heaviness where I have no rest or peace.” John then turned to Scripture and read to her and she began weeping. She understood the role Jesus has in her life.

Magdi and his mother met Jesus because our student had the courage to share his story. This student, and many others, are now equipped to share with people all over the world. And Magdi is now helping others awaken to God’s love, making disciples among his own people.

God is awakening people to His Word. This is a message worth spreading and you can be a part of telling the story of Jesus where it has never been told.


You can make a lasting impact!